Toddler Socks (with Variations)

This is the pattern I use most often when knitting for Children in Common. Uses worsted weight yarn, such as Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, or two strands of sock yarn worked together. Includes different stitch patterns for the leg for a little variety.

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S.O.B. Socks

I created this pattern for my Shades of Blue hand dyed sock yarn. I like the way the simple knit/purl pattern works with this two-tone colorway. Size: Women’s Medium

Click here for pattern (PDF format)

WWII Mitts Redux

WWII Mitts Redux

Adapted from a pattern found in a WWII "Knit for the Troops" book. The original was made with sock-weight yarn on two needles. I used a heavier yarn worked in the round, to avoid seaming. The cuffs are sized to fit over the sleeves of a shirt or light jacket.

Click here for pattern (PDF format)

Ribbon Yarn Scarf

This simple, reversible drop stitch pattern shows off ribbon yarns nicely. Knit with two skeins of Moda Dea Ticker Tape yarn in Festival.

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Hemp/Wool Christmas Stocking

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I knit this using hemp/wool worsted weight yarn. The cuff is natural, the yarn for the body was dyed with cherry Koolaid. Since the wool absorbs the Koolaid dye, but the hemp doesn't, it turns out heathery.

Click here for pattern (PDF format)

Bottle Sock

Keep your beverage cool with this bottle sock knit with worsted-weight wool.

Click here for pattern (in PDF format)

Hemp/Wool Knit Potholder

More hemp/wool knitting. This is the best potholder in our kitchen!

Click here for pattern (in PDF format).

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